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In the Hindu Dharma, it is said that writing a God’s name 10 million times or One Crore times can enable the soul to reach salvation. While many of us would like to do this, we are often caught with time pressures – to write, keep track of the writing and finally have the books in which they are written printed & sent to the appropriate temples. Now with NAMAKOTI application, you can have all this done using your smartphone.

So, whether you are Rama Bhakta, Shiva Bhakta or a Sai Devotee, you can now use your smartphone for constant ‘dieva chintana’ – or constant remembrance and utterance of God’s name – enabling you to cleanse your thoughts and focus on the Supreme Being.

We have built user interfaces to suit your style of chanting God’s name; so depending on your specific need for a given time, you could choose

Swipe and Chant – Use simple finger based swipe utility to keep chanting God’s name

Key-in Mode – Use preselected God’s name and chant using a simple keyword select option

Japamala Mode – We know that some of us would like to use the Japamala or the Rosary for chanting God’s name. To meet this specific requirement of yours, we have provided you with the e-Japamala interface.

Android App

Namakoti Home Screen
Namakoti Chant Screen
Namakoti Setting Screen
Namakoti Print and Deliver Screen
Namakoti Payment Screen
Chant Setting

Chant Settings

You can set the nama chant for the god of your choice for chanting up to 1 crore.

Start Chanting

Nama Chanting

You can chant the nama by using different options like write / key touch / japamala.

Print and Deliver

Nama Print and Delivery

You can get the chanted nama printed and delivered to the selected temples.

God's for Chanting